Since God knows Everything, Why do We Live?
Dr. Charles Blackstock
Apr 15, 2013
In this video, Dr. Charles Blackstock addresses why we must live life if God knows everything. He references Romans 8:29, which states that God predestined us to be conformed to the image of his Son. He uses the analogy of a car on a road of life, in which we have the ability to use a steering wheel to guide us. He explains that while God has a plan for us, we still have the ability to make choices and that our ultimate destination is up to us. He compares God's role in our lives to that of a GPS, which gives us turn-by-turn directions but ultimately allows us to make our own choices. He emphasizes that God wants us to follow the path that leads to heaven and that we have the ability to make choices that will ultimately lead us to our destination, whether it's heaven or Hell.

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